About Us

Huma Nasir is an experienced expert in the field of Forensic DNA Analysis with over 20 years of experience in the forensic field working for three private accredited laboratories. She started her forensic career at ReliaGene Technologies in New Orleans, LA in 2001. She then served as DNA analyst, Technical Leader and Associate Lab Director at Orchid Cellmark in Dallas, TX and later served as DNA analyst at Bode Cellmark Forensics. During her forensic career, Ms. Nasir has had extensive experience conducting DNA casework, body fluid identification and technical reviews of forensic DNA cases from many different private and crime laboratories. Ms. Nasir has provided independent forensic DNA consulting services since 2016.

Ms. Nasir received a BS in Biological Sciences from the University of New Orleans in 2000 and an MS in Pharmaceutical Sciences with a concentration in Forensic DNA and Serology in 2006 from the University of Florida. She is a member of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences and is certified in Molecular Biology from American Board of Criminalistics.

Over her forensic career, Ms. Nasir has worked on thousands of criminal and civil cases for a variety of clients including law enforcement agencies, attorneys and private clients. This casework experience involves DNA testing and/or DNA analysis of evidence from many different types of cases including sexual assaults, homicides, property crimes, cold cases and post-conviction testing. Ms. Nasir is competent and qualified in all different forensic methodologies including STR testing, Y-STR testing and mitochondrial DNA analysis.

Ms. Nasir especially has extensive experience working on cold cases and post-conviction cases involving limited and/or degraded evidence. Over the years working as a DNA analyst she has been very successful in obtaining DNA profiles from challenging evidence from post-conviction cases. Applying her expertise as a DNA analyst, Ms. Nasir has successfully obtained DNA profiles from challenging evidence samples such as hairs, gun swabs, fingerprints and bones. During her career, Ms. Nasir has assisted many innocence projects around the country with DNA testing and her work as a DNA analyst has resulted in numerous exonerations.

Ms. Nasir has provided expert testimony in the field of DNA analysis and serology in over 100 criminal cases in over 20 states across the US. As a court qualified expert, she has testified in depositions, admissibility hearings, and trials. As a forensic DNA consultant, Huma Nasir has worked on and testified in cases for both prosecutors and defense attorneys in homicide, sexual assault, and property crime cases.